Finding your way


By Plane: book a flight to Basel, Switzerland. From the airport a taxi takes about 15 minutes to our office and should cost no more than Sfr. 50.--.You can also take the swiss shuttle bus to the train station and then the tram from there (it will take significantly longer than a taxi, but will cost less). If there is no flight into Basel, take a plane to Zürich. At Zürich airport you cross over to the train station and take a train to Basel. The ride takes about 1 hour 15 minutes. Taxis from Zürich to Basel are available, but cost about 600 Swiss Francs ( about 500 US$).

By Car: The best way to get to our office from the rest of Switzerland is to take the highway (Autobahn) to Basel. Exit at the sign “city, Bahnhof SBB” (first exit in the left lane). Go straigth until you reach the intersection at the Hilton Hotel.

After this large intersection take the right lane leading to “Zoo Dorenbach”. This lane will curve to the right, you will pass a red light and then curve to the left. At the next light, the lane curves again to the right (the left lane would go to the train station).

At the next intersection with pedestrian crosswalks (no lights, just a tram stop) take a left to cross a bridge leading over the train rails. Go straight passing through another light. Stay in the right lane and make a right at the next intersection light. At the next big intersection you will see the back entrance of the zoo. Go around the round about (cirlce) and take the second exit.

At the next fork in the street, keep left and go to the next big round about. Take the 3rd exit and go straight to the second last crossing before the end. Take a sharp left and go down the street until you see 136.


 If you take a taxi the ride from the train station shouldn’t take more than 6-8 minutes. Just give the driver our address.