Baxamed Medical Center in Switzerland is the world's leader in proven youth restoration therapies  the first Anti Aging clinic to introduce HGH therapy 

Why choose Baxamed

Experience: Baxamed offers more than 25 years of successful treatments with Hormone Replacement Therapy, including HGH, DHEA, Testosterone, Estrogen, Progesterone and Melatonin. Our physicians have more than 33 years experience with fetal cell therapy, RNA therapy and Thymus Immune therapy and more than 20 years experience in Chelation therapy. 

Excellence: Physicians around the globe have selected Baxamed's treatments for themselves as well as their patients, because of the excellent results achieved and proven safety of our treatment protocols.The physicians at Baxamed Medical Center are in constant contact with colleagues in medical centers in the in Canada, the USA, Brasil, Costa Rica, Germany and India , Australia, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Thailand, Korea, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey and Spain..

Quality: Compare superior quality of Baxamed's programs to others when considering cost. Determine the quality and quantity of hormones and fetal cell products you receive when comparing prices. What is the drug manufacturer's reputation ? What are the medical credentials and the experience of the treating physicians ? How is the laboratory follow up and the availability of the physicians ? Consider how many patients a clinic has treated and whether those patients have continued through the years.

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