Fetal Cell Biomodulators


Most diseases of man and animal are accompanied by particular morphological and molecular cell changes, some of which are so specific that it is actually impossible to reach a diagnosis from histological samples alone. Clinical chemistry also provides pointers to very specific cell defects. It seems a logical step to reverse these cell defects by supplying the body with the relevant components taken from healthy cells, so that the diseased organs can function properly again. This goes hand in hand with repair and renewal. The therapeutic concept of providing sick organs with elements taken from identical healthy organs is not new. It can be traced back to the days of antiquity and also embraces Niehans' use of freeze dried lyophilized cell therapy and organ lysate therapy. Biomodulating cell therapy makes use of natural regulatory and metabolic substances which are similar in animals and man. Impaired regulatory processes are normalized physiological means. providing causative support for the recovery process.

Why does a person age ?

Because the cells of the organism gradually lose the ability to divide themselves due to a lack of the enzyme Telomerase. During the course of a lifetime, cells divide themselves about 40 times, thereby taking care of the continuous renewal of the total organism. With biomodular cell therapy, the rate of cell division could be increased by 20 %, partially because it provides a physiological rejuvenation in the production of the body's own Telomerase.

Biomodular cell therapy is used in two ways:

First, it can be applied purely as a preventive measure against aging and its associated diseases such as in the Youth Restoration Program.

Secondly and most importantly, it has the ability to successfully treat many diseases already present. The therapy may be done alone or in combination with medication that needs to be taken for the disease.

Biomodular components are obtained from fetal bovine and sheep organs from controlled hers in Australia and New Zealand, by patented methods of acid-vapour-lysis of lyophilized organ powder, a procedure that has been perfected through 40 years of continuous research. This procedure is the key for the removal of and reduction of species specificity and improving the solubility of cell components. Some preparations contain the cells of one organ, others are a mixture of cells from different organs.

Diseases that can be treated by biomodular cell therapy include congestive heart disease, sexual impotence, Parkinson's disease, stroke, chronic fatigue, many auto-immune diseases and Down Syndrome.

The treatment is customized to each patients' needs. The products are injected intramuscularly and are well tolerated.


RNA therapy


RNA are essential components of every single cell in the body. They are responsible for carrying out the instructions embedded in the nucleus of the cell for the growth and maintenance of the cell. During the time of youth there is an abundant supply of RNA to ensure the cells health. After the age of 40, though the amount of RNA in each cell dwindles as time passes and chronic degenerative diseases based on a malfunctioning cell repair system start to occur. This therapy supplies the cells with the missing RNA.  The main strength of RNA  is youth restoration and the successfull treatment of many degenerative diseases, such as Parkinson's, MS, Post Polio Syndrome and others. The effect of RNA treatment comes on over an extended period of time. Depending on the site and severity of the disease, the effects are usually noticeable within 1 to 3 weeks, In severe cases, the treatment should be repeated every 1 to 2 years.


Thymus Therapy


Thymus therapy is used for the following indications:
Impaired Immune Function
Old Age
Opportunistic Infections
Chronic Infections
Rheumatoid Diseases
Support of Cancer treatments
Prevention of Allergies
The most important system in the human body is the immune system. it is responsible for fighting off infective agents such as bacteria and viruses. More important though is its neuroendocrine ability. Research has shown that there is an important link between Thymus hormones and other hormones in the entire body. Thymus hormones induce other glands to produce their specific hormones. In addition, a healthy immune system is of the essence to prevent autoimmune diseases from developing. Thymosin is used not only in the treatment of disease, but also as a preventive measure. The usual course of treatment involves 10 intramuscular injections given over a period of 3 weeks.




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