Frequently Asked Questions


Where are the lab tests done ? The lab tests can be done at a lab near the patients home. In this case, the patient will receive a lab prescription by fax or mail, with which he can go to the nearest lab, equipped to do all the necessary tests. The patient then faxes or sends us the results, preferably a week before his arrival at the medical center. The lab specimens can also be drawn at our clinic the first day of the patients visit.


How long will I need to stay ? This depends on the treatment done. For all treatments, except infusions, a stay of 2 days usually is enough to initiate the treatment. The patient receives all necessary supplies and instructions to continue the treatment at home. For infusions, the minimum stay depends on the severity of the problem and the amount of treatments required. Per week 3 Chelation  treatments can be done. As most patients require 20 treatments, the minimum stay usually is 4 weeks.


Will I need to return for another visit ? It will not be necessary for the patient to return to our clinic during the first 13 months of treatment. However, if the patient is on hormone replacement therapy,  certain lab tests have to be performed every 3 months. These can be done with a lab prescription from us at a lab near the patients home. The results can be discussed over the phone with one of the physicians at Baxamed.


What hotels can I stay in ? The city of Basel offers many different hotels in all price ranges. We recommend the following hotels:
Hotel Schlüssel, Schlüsselgasse 1, 4102 Binningen, Tel. ++41 61 421 25 66: a comfortable, moderate priced Inn.
Hotel Hilton, Basel (near the train station), Tel. ++41 61 275 66 00, Fax ++41 61 275 66 50.
Radisson SAS, Steinentorstrasse, Basel, Tel. ++41 61 227 29 29, Fax ++41 61 227 28 28

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What about payment ? Baxamed needs a down payment of 20 % before the patient arrives. The balance is due on the last day of the visit. Baxamed accepts American Express, VISA and Mastercard, as well as bank wires or cashier's checks.